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Finished Quickstart Guide

Well JI never asked for this really, but it needs to be updated... So I made a quick one. Please if you see any spelling errors and such be sure to run em by... If you read it.

First you must go to and click the first link labeled Official Base Version - 4.987 after you have downloaded this you must extract these files into your Tribes directory (Default being C:/Dynamix/Tribes) this should create a file labled Rpg in your Tribes directory.

After you have finished step one go back to and click the second link labeled Official Update - 4.991. After you have downloaded this, place these files in your Tribes Rpg directory.

Start up your Tribes game and click PLAY GAME. Make your name and supply your password in the Other Info section. After that go to the server list and search alphabeticaly by Server Type and look for rpg base.
Now after the first download and the update you are now at version 4.945, find a server that looks good to you click Info and look at the first line of text it should say Running RPG mod ver 4.945 if it does NOT say that you will not be able to join and it will give you an error.

Now click "Join Game" when you have found the server you want. People have had trouble connecting before so you may time out a few times due to the size of the TRPG mod. Some users after they have left a TRPG server they have to restart Tribes to join another, if you have alot of RAM you should not have a problem with this.

Now that you have finally gotten into your server choose the class that would fit you best. I urge you to read the Newbie Guide ( made by Toaster for a description of the different classes.

After you have your class you will spawn in Keldrin City, go down the stairs turn left outside of the building then turn left again to he fountain. There are two houses there. Enter the 1st house and say hello to the bot labled Merchant. (Hi, hello, hail mostly any greeting) Buy a weapon that fits your class and armor I suggest you buy Leather Armor.
To find a weapon that is right for you is impossible if you do not know the #w command. The #w command can be used on command/item/spell. For example I could be a fighter at level one with 30 Slashing and I wanted an item to suit me I would go to the merchant and do #w hatchet or #w broadsword. And judging from the restrictions I would buy the right weapon.

After you have done your buisness in K City head South, South East out of Keldrin City across the bridge and continue heading straight. Heading forward will bring you to a house and over the hill behind it is a cave like entrance to your right. After you have enterd the Keldrin Mines turn right at the first split, then right again up a ramp then right yet again.
You should see a purple crystal in the middle of the room and some goblins will spawn. Attack these and fight them till about level 6. Well that is as far as I will go to regarding fighting guys. I will tell you though try the other turn off to the left at the beginning of the mine and you will find new guys to fight. Also if you ever get lost and fall off the map don't worry about it you can just type #recall and it will teleport you back to town. This also works for someone that isn't off the map but he has to stand still for the amount of time the server is set at. Default for most servers is 300 seconds so you would just have to stand still and wait that long.

In your crusade at the mines and other dungeons you may end up dying. Most servers start you with 8 LCK so if you die you have 30-45 minutes before anyone else can take your pack. However, after that time is up it is free game for bots or players. You can also set your LCK to death and miss, this simply means if it is on death you will die and lose a LCK when a bot kills you.
LCK set to miss means if you are hit by a bot or player that would usually kill you it will use a LCK to protect you, this will continue till you are out of LCK. You also may want to save your game by typing #savecharacter.

You may also want to download a script or hud so that you do not waist time typing when you are casting spells and stuff like that. I suggest going to this website ( and downloading his HUD's and chat menu. There are also many other scripts that you can find at this page. (

Bleah crap all the links are broken cuz everything changed... I think..

Here it is for downloading....

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broken link in your quickstart guide

better fix it blade

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