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Storyline Reads and Writes (REQUIRED for roleplaying) (08-21-2001 until 09-20-2010)
On the request of some in the community, I am updating our current situation for the roleplaying community, and updating our progress on the Ironsphere timeline. I'll discuss the timeline/history progress first.

Timeline and History

100 BT (before Three) - The gods Norumen and Shatka arrive, taking their names and establishing power... They spend 50 years gathering forces and power and then reshape the world to be an eden. They shape the four Great Lands, naming them in their own language. Forest - Galar, Fire - Laralos (later to be named Mandagoras), Sea - Weilios, Desert - Adin Saran. The Great Land of Men, based in the center, is later named Shalos, after the First City of Man.

51 BT - Illuv wizards are created to help in the formation of the world, which is called Shatka after the principal war god.

20 BT - Phen the Illuv has risen to godly status and is given the power of Mind and Time. The Three (as they are called), begin to formulate humanoids to walk the earth.

0 AT - Then, the AT (after the Three) reckoning starts. Man and Elves have been created

5 AT - Elves frequently raid Shalos, the first City of Man.

7 AT - Keldrin founded by the House of Kel

10 AT - Ethren and Jaten is founded by Trading houses

17 AT - Shalos crumbles under war and siege, survivors flee to surrounding cities

24 AT - Political era begins, and many treaties are made with the 3 surrounding areas (fire, water and desert) Elves in the forest area disagree and relaunch miltary campaign, only to be squashed under the renewed might of the '4 Great Lands', with fire elementals, water elementals, sand warriors, and the knights of Kel, who leads his army with fanatical ambition, beating down and slaying almost all the elves. (which provides a reason for no Elves in Ironsphere)

48 AT - Birth of Carkor, created by Shatka for amusement.

67 AT - Carkor creates Ogres, Orcs, Goblins and other hideous beings who reign in the now-forsaken area of the Fire Land, which he names Mandagoras.

70 AT - official beginning of the so called 1000 year war, where many Men and elementals are destroyed. Elves are nearly unheard of in this fight, and they guard their lands with ferocious responsibility

246 AT - Principal win against the Keldrin Dynasty for Carkor. Kel, who has lived long, for his blood is untainted with lesser men, is slain and a commoner know as Taronolos calls up support and takes his place. The might of Keldrin armies falters, and Mandagoras flows out against Galar, Weilios and Adin Saran, while Keldrin barely manages to hold it's own. The mighty trading city of Jaten is decimated, and the town surrounding Ethren is abandoned as the army reinforces the castle at it's center and the populace flees to Keldrin (explaining the popularity of Keldrin...).

636 AT - With unexpected help from Norumen, Goddess of Peace, Carkor's armies are dealt a blow just as they are about to siege Keldrin. She plants an enormous Jewel that shines day and night as a holy point and buries it in the mountain. The evil army is driven back form Keldrin and flees to the border of Mandagoras.

704 AT - 1000 year war ends, and Carkor is imprisoned in a stone and is hidden deep in a mountain not far from Keldrin, so that they may protect it always. The key is hidden on Sanctuary Island, and the guardians protect it's existence

705-857 AT - Reign of peace and prosperity

858 AT - Some creations of Carkor, most notably goblins, take over the mines and force House Lindir out, starting a small feud. Goblins start mining for the Stone. They are hindered by the Jewel, which has lost it's brilliance and resides in the top the Keldrin Mines (super crystal? =])

870 AT - Current age. Heroes, magic and adventure, oh my!

The Four Great Lands


Residing in the center of the Known World, Shalos is a jewel for trading and commerce. Some of the most powerful heroes of Shatka (the name of the world) live there and search for adventure. Shalos has many monasteries and eyeries up in it's mountains, and it's economy relies on trade. Shalos is governed by the Alat-Lambar, the Great Houses. They are governed by the King, a kindly old man.


Few see the inside of the Mysterious Forest. All of Galar is wooded, and few men penetrate it's secrets. Those who do are usually captured. Galar is the only place you can find large groups of Elves. It is governed by a Elven King. Phen resides here, in secret.

Adin Saran

Deadly desert surrounds a large oasis in the center. Caravans travel to Shalos regularly. The people of Adin Saran, known as Salukah or sand warriors, are fierce and the best mercenaries. Trade relies on a tribal system where the tribe owns every man and sells them as mercenaries to be returned when possible. Chieftains earn lots of revenue from the slave and gladiator trade. This is the favourite resting place of Shatka.


Only mermaids and water elementals live in this place. The water covers everything, and opulent palaces and temples are on the bottom. Only way to get below the waters is to travel through the ghost infested Weilios Corridor, which travels down and down and down until it is under the cities of the water, at which point it spirals up. Weilios is said to have a Illuv king, but no one has confirmed it. Norumen resides here.


Only foolish men and brave knights wander into these lands. Roaring flames and deadly chasms await any caravan or expedition. Mandagoras is the seat of the Sorceror, an evil Illuv who commands the armies of Mandagoras and grows them so that they may attack once more.


Shalos is governed by the Alat-Lambar, a feudal House system. There are many Minor Houses, but the Great Houses are the ones of concern, and only they get a seat in the Oratory. There are 6Houses, each governing an aspect of Shalos. Minor Houses are like houses in the current version of TRPG.

House of Kel

The Royal House. The King resides above all other houses, and it is based in Keldrin. No matter how many times the Royal House is changed form family to family, it retains this name.

House of Caspian

The Military House. The Archduke of this House commands all of Shalos' armies. It does not retain the House name.

House of Scholars

The Scholastic House. The Magistrate of this House is a wise man elected by the Alat-Lambar from the ranks of the House of Scholars. Responsible for politics and maintaining the Royal Library. It retains it's name.

House Jongleur

The 'Cultural' House. The High Duke of this house is elected through an 'heir-designate' program. The dying Duke will choose a man from outside his family to suceed him. Responsible for the planning of festivals and is the prime source for storytellers, musicians and bards (not thieves, singers). It retains it's name.

Guild of Mages

House of Magic. The Royal Mage governs the Circle of Sages, a sort of mini Alat-Lambar. The Royal Mage is usually present in the King's throne room. Responsible for training mages and priests. Retains it's name. This is a unique house because it is part of the Royal Palace, and not seperated.

House of Moritani

House of the Treasury. High Countess resides in the Palace. Unique because the leader is always female. This houses is responsible for trade and is the keeper of the Treasury. Does not retain name, and is built into the mountains behind Keldrin (not Keldrin Mines, the OTHER mountains... =])

Minor Houses

Some of the more prominent Minor Houses are Dynastic House and Rebel House. The Rebel House maintains a large following on the edge between Adin Saran and Shalos. They are opposed to the Alat-Lambar/King system.

Misc/No heading

I just wanted to inform you all that we are still in the process of creating legends. We don't have any legendary swords/armor just yet.
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