Forum Mirror

Here's the deal:  I've backed up the forums for the entire community to fall back onto when needed.  All threads and images should be (I can't test everything) intact in their entirety. I will of course make a backup of my mirror on CD-R(s) for the possible event that this data be lost due to some unforeseen circumstance.

There is a little bit that you need to know when viewing this mirror.  It is important for you to use the back button of your browser instead of the chain-links at the top and bottom of every thread. A chain-link looks as follows (example):
Tribes RPG Forums > Main > General Discussion

Al long as you use the back button and my navigation pages to move from one page/forum/thread to the next, you'll stay in my mirrored site.  Once you've clicked a chain-link, you have then left my site and will be faced with an error message when the forums are wiped.

ENJOY the mirror!



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